Enable all your clients to invest with their trusted bank or credit union

Eko enables banks and CU to offer digital investing, directly on their existing banking platform, starting from as little as $10

Trusted by leading banks and credit unions

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Eko transforms your banking platform

Stand out from the competition and attract younger clients by offering a next-generation investment solution.
Eko lets you stand out from the competition
  • Increase stickiness
  • Clients log in on average 4x as often, making it more likely you become/stay their primary financial institution
  • Increase your revenue
  • Create an additional non-interest revenue stream via Eko’s revenue-sharing model
  • Attract younger clients
  • Offering a digital investment solution attracts younger clients, and ties these clients to your bank or credit union

Offer investing within weeks

Eko does not require a core integration and is already integrated into most digital banking provider, making enabling turn-key.
Eko is turn-key integrated
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Offer investments without building anything or hiring anyone

Eko is an end-to-end, ‘Investments-as-a-Service’ solution. We take care of all requirements so you can offer next-generation investment product without having to build anything or hire anyone.
Eko covers investing from A to Z

Some facts support our success

of clients opt-in and fund their investment account within 4 months of launch
log into digital banking to check their investments at least every other day
of clients have recurring deposits enabled
of clients let us create a portfolio, 25% choose self-directed investing

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Eko is turn-key integrated