Eko Secures $1.7M Investment in Funding Round Led by Alloy Labs, Supported by Motivate VC, Simplex Ventures, and Irish Angels
June 11, 2023

June 11, 2023 – Eko, a pioneering force in digital investment solutions, proudly announces the successful closure of a $1.7 million investment in its latest funding round. The round was spearheaded by Alloy Labs, a dynamic consortium uniquely positioned to catalyze exponential growth for banks through the power of network effects. Notable participation also came from Motivate VC, Simplex Ventures, and Irish Angels, underscoring the broad industry support for Eko's innovative approach to digital investing.

A key highlight in this funding round is the strategic leadership from Alloy Labs: Alloy Labs, renowned for driving exponential growth for banks, assumed a leadership role in Eko's latest funding round. The consortium operates as a network where over 80 banks collaborate to fuel digital innovation collectively. Eko's mission aligns seamlessly with Alloy Labs' commitment to digital innovation. The investment infusion positions Eko to further enhance its offerings, providing even more inclusive and accessible digital investment solutions.

Mart, CEO of Eko, expressed gratitude for the support received during the funding round, stating, "This investment is a testament to the industry's belief in our vision for democratizing access to wealth-building opportunities. Alloy Labs and our esteemed investors provide not only capital but also invaluable expertise as we continue to innovate and reshape the digital investment landscape."

Eko's trajectory is marked by its commitment to making digital investing accessible to a broader audience. The funding received in this round will serve as a catalyst for further advancements and outreach.

As the industry witnesses the transformative impact of digital innovation, Eko, backed by Alloy Labs and other esteemed investors, stands poised to lead the charge in shaping the future of digital investing.

About Eko

Eko is a leading provider of digital investment solutions committed to democratizing access to wealth-building opportunities. With a focus on inclusivity and innovation, Eko empowers individuals to navigate the world of investments with confidence.

About Alloy Labs

Alloy Labs is a consortium dedicated to driving exponential growth for banks through the strategic leverage of network effects. With over 80 banks as active members, Alloy Labs fosters collaborative digital innovation within the financial industry.