Eko Takes Center Stage at VentureTech 2023, Pioneering Digital Innovation for Credit Unions
November 06, 2023

November 6 – Eko, a trailblazer in digital investment solutions, emerged as a standout participant at VentureTech 2023, a premier event where hundreds of credit unions convene to explore the latest innovations in the financial industry. Mart, CEO of Eko, captivated the audience with a live demo showcasing Eko's cutting-edge white-label solution that empowers banks to offer a digital investing experience directly on their existing banking platforms. The event also featured an exclusive invitation for Mart to join the CU Sol podcast, further solidifying Eko's position as a leader in reshaping financial landscapes.

Key Highlights from Eko's VentureTech 2023 Participation

Eko's mission is grounded in democratizing access to investments. By enabling banks to offer digital investing solutions through the white-label solution, Eko ensures that all clients, not just the top 1%, can explore and engage in investment opportunities directly from their trusted banking platforms. Eko's white-label solution enhances the overall banking experience by seamlessly integrating digital investing. Attendees at VentureTech 2023 witnessed firsthand how Eko is breaking down traditional barriers to entry, making financial markets accessible to a broader audience.

Mart and the Eko team were honored to share their insights, innovations, and vision for the future of banking at VentureTech 2023. This experience reinforced Eko's commitment to pioneering solutions that empower financial institutions to offer inclusive and forward-thinking services to their clients.

As the industry continues to evolve, Eko remains at the forefront of digital innovation, catalyzing change that benefits credit unions and their members.

Eko's impactful presence at VentureTech 2023 led to an exclusive invitation for Mart to join the CU Sol podcast. This platform allowed Mart to delve deeper into Eko's vision, the significance of the white-label solution, and how digital innovation is shaping the future of financial services. If you are interested in listening to that, find a link here

About Eko

Eko is a leading provider of digital investment solutions, dedicated to democratizing access to wealth-building opportunities. With its white-label solution, Eko empowers banks to seamlessly offer digital investing experiences to their clients, directly on their trusted banking platforms.