Eko Announces Strategic Investment and Partnership with BHB Fund
June 03, 2024

Eko Announces Strategic Investment and Partnership with BHB Fund

We are excited to announce that Eko has received an investment from BHB Fund (Bankers Helping Bankers) and entered into a strategic partnership aimed at revolutionizing the digital banking and investment landscape. This collaboration will empower community banks to offer state-of-the-art digital investment solutions, enhancing their service offerings and providing their customers with seamless access to a range of investment opportunities.

Key Highlights of the Partnership:
  • Empowering Community Banks
  • Through this partnership, BHB Fund’s investment in Eko underscores a shared commitment to empowering community banks. By equipping them with our cutting-edge digital tools, these banks will be able to provide sophisticated investment solutions directly through their platforms, ensuring their customers can access top-tier investment opportunities with ease.
  • Commitment to Financial Inclusion
  • At Eko, we share a mission with BHB Fund to democratize access to financial services. This partnership aims to bridge the gap between traditional banking and modern investment needs, ensuring that customers from all backgrounds can participate in wealth-building activities.
Statements from Leadership:

Mart Vos, CEO of Eko, shared his excitement about the partnership: “We are very excited to partner with the Bankers Helping Bankers Fund. Their industry expertise will help us without a doubt to spread a shared mission -- to give banks the ability to offer investments to all their clients, and not just the top 1%.”

Neeraj Vohra , Managing Partner of BHB Fund, added: “We are delighted about our latest investment: Eko. We are a big believer in its mission to enable financial institutions to offer an investment account alongside existing checking and savings accounts. This allows the financial institution to have another source of non-interest revenue, increase mind share with existing consumers, and appeal to new, especially younger, consumers.”

About Eko

Eko enables 10,000 banks and credit unions to offer a digital investing solution, directly on their existing banking platform via our white-label solution. This way, financial institutions can offer investments to all their clients, instead of only serving the top 1% via financial advisors, and without having to build anything and hire anyone.

About BHB Fund

BHB Fund (Bankers Helping Bankers) is dedicated to supporting community banks by providing them with the resources and tools needed to succeed in a competitive financial landscape. Through strategic investments and partnerships, BHB Fund aims to empower community banks to offer innovative financial services to their customers.

For more information about this partnership and the benefits it brings to community banks and their customers, visit Eko’s website and BHB Fund’s website.